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Department Name: Department of Pathology

The Department of Veterinary Pathology is one of the most important departments of the Faculty of Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. It came into existence in 2012 when the faculty was established. Since its inception, the department is offering theory and practical courses (13 credits) under the Semester system. We are deeply committed to excellence in education and emphasize understanding the pathologic mechanisms of diseases. Diagnosis of different diseases is through the examination of animal tissue based on the gross, microscopic and molecular changes of the tissues, and whole bodies (necropsy) for making the students competent and adept. As a maiden department we are trying to furnish our existing pathology laboratory to the state of arts equipments. We offer a course clinical pathology which is concerned with the diagnosis of diseases based on the laboratory analysis of feces, blood, urine, or cavitary effusions or tissue aspirates in Clinical Pathology Laboratory in our Veterinary Clinics and Hospital. This is been done through teaching, research and extension activities. We hope our department will play a notable contribution in preventing zoonotic diseases through interdisciplinary collaboration in near future. As a newly launched department, we are trying to expand our areas of learning to include unique educational programs, and research emphasis in global pathology and emerging global diseases. In addition to indoor curricular activities, the department arranged extension tours periodically for the students to acquaintance them with the activities of the renowned veterinary institutions, both public and private, of the country. We welcome you all to our departmental section within the FASVM under Sher-E-Bangla Agricultural University.