Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University

Enhancement of research capabilities of Department of Plant Pathology through establishment of Green House


Background Information

Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU), situated in the heart of the capital city, is alluring brilliant students from all walks of the country for imparting tertiary education in agricultural science. Incepted in 1938 and through transformation, it has become a public university in 2001 with the mandate to provide tertiary education, conduct research for generation of new technologies and produce trained power to ensure food security of the country. The serine 86 acres of land are hosting 3000 under graduate and nearly 600 post graduate students and 147 faculties. The whole entity is engaged in quest of knowledge and foster research to offset new threats in different of field of agricultural sciences.

The Department of Plant Pathology is one of the pioneering departments of SAU. The department has highly motivated team members mostly have Ph.D. and post doctoral degrees with molecular biological research. Besides delightfully motivated MS and Ph.D. students are the basic strength of the research team of the department. Establishment of modern Green House will allow the department to undertake research to develop stress tolerant modern varieties through genetic engineering. Again, this Green House could be the hub of climate change impact research. The establishment of Green House along with its quality manpower will have tremendous impact on the advanced studies and research to meet the demand of the nation.

General Objective:

  1. Creation of advance research facilities for MS and PhD students.
  2. Creation and establishment of green house for Invivo and Invitro experiments on different aspect of plant disease and their management
  3. Strengthening of present research capabilities of the department thorough set up of Induced epiphytotic zone

Qualitative and Quantitative Benefits:

The project will help the MS and Ph D students to carry out high quality research using the modern equipments. The students of different disciplines of plant pathology will be able to work on effect of latest molecular biological methods on cell biology, gene technology and other basic sciences of genetic engineering in invivo and invitro condition. The students of different departments such as Genetics and Plant Breeding, Biochemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Horticulture etc. will be benefited from this project. International collaboration on advance research will be increased due to using the facilities from this project.

Due to its geographical position, the project will be able to serve large number of farmers, entrepreneurs, quarantine stations and different govt. organization for identification of pathogens, diseases and respective prescriptions.

Components of the project:

The green house will have the following facilities:

  1. Inoculation Chamber
  2. Soil preparation zone
  3. Pot experiment zone
  4. Natural sunlight zone
  5. Controlled experiment zone
  6. Artificial irrigation and light control system
  7. Induced epiphytotic zone for artificial inoculation and isolation of pathogen.

Technical Specification:

Size of Shade:

W X L X H = 36 X 64X 15 feet

  • Sprinkler and drip water irrigation system
  • Artificial and natural light controlling system

Estimated budget       : Tk . 10 lac

Implementation Period: March 2015 to June 2015