Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University

Research Projects

Research is carried out by the teachers of the department through different projects and research of the MS students. The main objective of research is to develop disease management strategies on different plant pathological problems in Bangladesh emphasizing eco friendly components including chemicals as the last options. This requires the synthesis of an integrated program including variety resistance through conventional breeding, botanicals or biological control organisms, cultural practices, application of fungicides and disease forecasting. So far, research has been carried out in the department on management of wilt complex of tomato / eggplant, scab and die-back of citrus, leaf blight of wheat, ufra of rice, root knot of banana, collar rot of chick pea, purple blotch complex of onion and phomopsis blight, fruit rot of eggplant. Besides, the department conducting research on seed health status of different fruit crops and medicinal plants. Results so far obtained from the research works are encouraging.