Invitation for Tender (IFT) Package No-G14, Supply of Precision Milling Machine at SAU, Dhaka (Dated: 24/05/2018)

Invitation for Tender (IFT) Package No-G3, Procurement of Supplying of Furniture & Fixature at SAU, Dhaka (Dated: 28/02/2018)

Invitation for Tender (IFT) Package No-G8, Procurement of Supplying of Teaching & Learning Materials, (Dated: 28/02/2018)

Invitation for Tender (IFT) Package No-W1, Refurbishing/Renovation of Postgraduate Laboratory, Undergraduate Laboratory, Conference room & Insemination & SPTM's rooms (3 nos of room) at SAU, Dhaka, (Dated: 27/02/2018)

Invitation for Tender (IFT) Package No-G6, Supplying of Books and Journal,(Dated: 27/02/2018)

 Invitation for Tender (IFT) Package No-G4, Procuerement of Supplying of Computer at SAU, Dhaka (Dated: 03/01/2018)

Invitation for Tender (IFT) Package No-G7, Procurement of Supplying of Electrical Equipments

Invitation for Tender (IFT) (Package No-G11, Supplying and Installation of Multimedia Projector)

Invitation for Tender (IFT) (Package No-G9, Supplying and Installation of Air Condition)

Invitation for Tender (IFT) (Package No-G4, Supplying of Furniture & Fixtures)

Invitation for Tender (IFT) (Supplying of Computer, Laptop, Printer and Photocopy Machine)

Invitation for Tender (IFT) (Supplying, Installing, Testing and Commissioning of Lab Equipment) (Dated: 24/08/2017)

Invitation for Tender (IFT) (Supplying, Installing, Testing and Commissioning of Lab Equipments) (Dated: 26/10/2015)


Invitation for Tender (IFT) (Supply of Laboratory Equipment (3 Lots)) (Dated: 15/10/2015)


Invitation for Tender (Tender for Goods, three different packages) (Dated :08/10/2015) (pdf)


 Invitation for Tender (Supply of Lab Instruments) (Dated :23/09/2015)(pdf)


Invitation for Tender Supplying, installing, commissioning and testing of Automation Equipment (University Automation) Software(Dated :03/09/2015)(pdf)


Invitation for Tender Supplying, Installing, Customizing, Testing And Commissioning of ERP (University Automation) Software(Dated :17/08/2015)(pdf)


Invitation for Tender Document (National) For SBAU/HEQEP/W-1/3636/Procurement/G-6/15/02(Dated: 29/07/2015) (pdf)


Procurement G6 Advertisement (Dated: 29/07/2015) (pdf)


RFQ Advertisement for tender (Dated: 29/07/2015) (pdf)

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