M.S. Degree

Number of student 

1.Department of Agricultural Botany

M.S. Agricultural Botany



2.Department of Agricultural Chemistry


M.S. Agricultural Chemistry



3.Department of Agricultural Extension and Information System


M.S. Agricultural Extension 



4.Department of Agroforestry and Environmental Science


M.S. Agroforestry



5.Department of Agronomy


M.S. Agronomy



6.Department of Biochemistry


M.S. Biochemistry



7.Department of Biotechnology


M.S. Biotechnology



8.Department of Entomology


M.S. Entomology



9.Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding


M.S. Genetics and Plant Breeding



10.Department of Horticulture


M.S. Horticulture



11.Department of Plant Pathology


M.S. Plant Pathology



12.Department of Soil Science


M.S. Soil Science


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