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Office Name: Dean Office, Faculty of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Science


Dean: Professor Dr. Asif Wares Newaz

Welcome to Faculty of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Science at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU) in Bangladesh. This Faculty has been established as a fully-fledged academic discipline to provide a bachelor degree in 2017. However, the history of launching fisheries-related courses is longer than a decade at SAU when these courses were included in the curricula of B.Sc. Agriculture in 2003 and in B.Sc. Agribusiness Management in the academic year of 2007. Prof. Dr. Kazi Ahsan Habib as a lecturer of that time first started to conduct these courses from 2003. The fisheries discipline at SAU became more strengthened in 2007 by the joining of two lecturers viz. A. M. Shahabuddin and Asif Wares Newaz. At that time these fisheries courses were operated from the Department of Animal Husbandry. But in the course of time, the study on fisheries discipline was not confined within a few courses because of its versatilities and high demand in the job market. In 2011 the Department of Fisheries under the Faculty of Agriculture was opened as a separate department to utilize the huge opportunities of this sector. Prof. K. A. Habib served as the first Chairman of this new department. Despite started as a department, no bachelor's degree has been offered until 2016. In the year 2017, Faculty of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Science has been started functioning with six specialized departments considering the importance of different major fields of Fisheries and Marine sector. These six departments are the Department of Fisheries Biology and Genetics, Department of Aquaculture, Department of Aquatic Environment and Resource Management, Department of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography, Department of Aquatic Animal Health Management and Department of Fishing and Post Harvest Technology. Prof. Dr. Kamal Uddin Ahamed, the Vice-Chancellor of SAU has served as the acting Dean in the starting periods of the faculty until 2019. Currently, B.Sc. in Fisheries degree is being offered under this faculty and MS degree under each department. The faculty has the plan to offer PhD degree in the near future. The departments of this faculty also offer some courses in B.Sc. and MS programs of other faculties of SAU viz. Agriculture and Agribusiness Management. The medium of instruction of the faculty is English. At present, the faculty has 21 teachers, 4 adjunct faculties, 187 students, 7 administrative officers, and 4 office staff.

The Faculty of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Sciences in SAU is well furnished and well equipped for providing in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. It contains well-equipped classrooms and several research laboratories for undergraduate study and post-graduate researches. Each laboratory comprises specialized apparatus and support equipment for conducting quality experiments and advanced research. The faculty building also includes three seminar rooms, a library, a wet lab, and a research pond complex.

The aim of the faculty is to disseminate world-class fisheries and marine science education to the students to achieve Bachelor of Science in Fisheries (Hons) under the faculty, and Master of Science and PhD degree under six specialized departments. Doing basic and applied researches to overcome different challenges in the field of fisheries, aquaculture and marine science of Bangladesh and producing highly efficient graduates who will contribute to the country’s economy, are two major priorities of the Faculty. The academic curricula of the faculty have been designed to make graduates with creative, problem-solving and communication skills, professional and managerial expertise, entrepreneurship, and an understanding of sustainable management of marine and other aquatic ecosystems and resources. The students also acquire good attitudes, values, and professionalism during their four-years journey in the undergraduate, and one and half years course in master’s level.

Finally, the vision of the Faculty is to be the center of excellence in the fields of fisheries, aquaculture, and marine science education and research, and to produce outstanding nationally and internationally accredited graduates.