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Department Name: Department of Animal Production and Management

Although animal husbandry teaching and research became a part of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University's activities soon after the institute/ university was founded, it was not until 1938 that the Department of Animal Husbandry was established under the faculty of Agriculture. Until 2011 Animal Husbandry was a part of the Agriculture faculty. In the year of 2011, started a new faculty with combined degree namely faculty of Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine. There is an important Department namely Animal Production & Management which is also familiar as Animal Science/ Animal Husbandry.

The major focus of current programs in the department of animal production & management is on food and fiber-producing animals. This department deals with specially goat, sheep, beef cattle, draught cattle, buffalo, horse, camel, elephant,  swine, wild/ zoo animals (e.g. lion, tiger, bear, deer, monkey, crocodile etc.) and other companion animals (e.g. dogs,  cats) as well as laboratory species (e.g. rats, mice, hamsters, rabbits) receive some attention. This department also involves in animal behavior, ecology, environment, farm & waste management, growth and technology of meat science, wool, hides and skins.

To impart teaching, department of animal production & management offers 12 courses for B.Sc. Vet. Sc. & A.H., 2 courses for B.Sc. Ag. (Hons.), 2 courses for BBA (Agribusiness) and 1 course for MBA (Agribusiness) degree. The department has a number of expertises for teaching and research in the field of animal science (production), biotechnology and animal product technology. We have recently expanded our faculty expertise with higher education which will strengthen offerings and opportunities in the more fundamental areas on the cutting edge of developments in cellular and molecular animal biology.