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Department Name: Department of Aquatic Animal Health Management

Welcome to the Department of Aquatic Animal Health Management The Department of Aquatic Animal Health Management at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University is an academic wing of the Faculty of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Science. The department deals with the study and research on parasitic, microbial and nutritional diseases on fish, shrimp and other aquatic organisms. As aquaculture industries expand across the globe as well as Bangladesh, one challenge is climbing into the top: fish health. Health management is a critical issue in the aquaculture business, as the intensive culture of animals can increase the likelihood of disease. Therefore, this department has been established to provide in-depth knowledge to the students of the faculty of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Science on aquatic animal health issues primarily related to aquaculture along with wild fisheries. Accurate diagnosis of diseases, biosecurity in culture systems, disease control and treatment measured are well taught to the students with hands-on training and outreach functions both in undergraduate (BSc) and graduate (MS) programs. The department offers theoretical and practical courses on finfish and shellfish pharmacology, ecotoxicology, pathology, immunology, parasitology, aquaculture medicine and drug administration. The mission of the department is to strengthen the knowledge and boost the confidence of the students through modern teaching and cutting-edge research so that they can ensure better health and welfare of aquatic organisms through health management practices in their service life. The department also provides some diagnostic supports and services to the fish farmers and aquarium lovers including diagnosis of some pathogenic and nutritional fish diseases, histopathological assessments, screening and identification of fish parasites, and prescription for treatment of fish and shellfish disease.