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Department Name: Department of Dairy Science

The Department of Dairy Science is established in 2011 with a view to build the future leaders in dairy sector; a popular, significant, and ever-growing component of livestock & food industry in Bangladesh. The curricula of the department is designed for the students with the objectives to gather knowledge relates with the dairy animal, dairy farm management, processing, marketing of milk & milk products and other associated industry.A dairy farm is attached to this department as a field laboratory for the undergraduate students and provides the avenues for research of post graduate students and teaching staffs. The post graduates will be qualified to meet the demands of the dairy industry of Bangladesh and also be able to continue their education in any agricultural graduate schools, colleges of veterinary medicine of the world.


A place for develop the thinking of proactive future leaders and provide the science-based solutions through innovative and effective education, research and extension program in dairy sector of Bangladesh.


Our Vision is Building the Future of Dairying in Bangladesh.