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Mohammad Nazrul Islam, PhD

Associate Professor

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Department of Biotechnology
Faculty of Agriculture

Phone: +8801797583951
Blood Group: AB+



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Dr. M Nazrul Islam is a Faculty of Biotechnology Department at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU), Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has accomplished PhD studies in Marine Biotechnology (focused on molecular & cellular biotechnology) from the University of Science & Technology (UST) at KIOST School in South Korea. His major research areas are molecular biology, genomics & cellular biotechnology. Dr. Nazrul Islam is interested in identification of important genes, sequencing, cloning and functional studies by RNAi and CRISPR systems. His overall vision is to contribute in the fields of molecular life sciences & biotechnology.

Degree Name Subject/Specialization Institute Passing Year Country
PhD Marine Biotechnology University of Science & Technology (KIOST School) 2020 South Korea
MS Biotechnology Bangladesh Agricultural University 2005 Bangladesh
BSc Fisheries Bangladesh Agricultural University 2002 Bangladesh
HSC Science Notre Dame College 1997 Bangladesh
SSC Science Mushuddi Afaz Uddin High School 1995 Bangladesh
Title Organization Location From To
Associate Professor Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Dhaka, Bangladesh 2019/2/23 Continued
PhD Researcher KIOST School South Korea 2015/8/17 2020/2/29
Assistant Proctor Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Dhaka, Bangladesh 2012/5/14 2014/5/13
Assistant Professor Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Dhaka, Bangladesh 2012/2/23 2019/2/22
Lecturer Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Dhaka, Bangladesh 2010/2/23 2012/2/22
Research Officer University Grants Commission of Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh 2009/1/11 2010/2/22
Sector Research Analyst Maxwell Stamp Limited (MSL) under the Ministry of Industries of Bangladesh Dhaka, Bagladesh 2008/10/1 2009/1/10
Research Associate Bangladesh Agricultural University Mymensingh, Bangladesh 2006/2/1 2008/4/30
Sl Journal Article Year Type Link
1 KA Habib, K Nam, Y Xiao, J Sathi, MN Islam, SK Panhwar, AHMS Habib (2022) Population structure, phylogeography and demographic history of Tenualosa ilisha populations in the Indian Ocean region inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequence variation. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 2022 Journal Article Link
2 MN Islam and S Sultana (2022) Codon usage bias and purifying selection identified in Cirrhinus reba mitogenome. Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Experimental Therapeutics, 5(3): 605-614. 2022 Journal Article Link
3 MN Islam, KS Hossain, PP Sarker, J Ferdous, MA Hannan, MM Rahman, DT Chu, MJ Uddin (2020). Revisiting pharmacological potentials of Nigella sativa seed: a promising option for COVID-19 prevention and cure. Phytotherapy Research. 2020;1–16. 2020 Journal Article Link
4 Islam MN, Sultana S, Alam MJ. Sequencing and annotation of the complete mitochondrial genome of a threatened labeonine fish, Cirrhinus reba. Genomics Inform. 2020;18(3):e32. doi:10.5808/GI.2020.18.3.e32 2020 Journal Article Link
5 Bae J, Lee KW, MN Islam, Yim HS, Park H, Rho M. 2018. iMGEins: detecting novel mobile genetic elements inserted in individual genomes. BMC Genomics, 19: 944. 2018 Journal Article Link
6 MN Islam, Lee KW, Yim HS, Lee SH, Jung HC, Lee JH, Jeong JY. 2017. Optimizing T4 DNA polymerase conditions enhances the efficiency of one-step sequence- and ligation-independent cloning. BioTechniques 63(3):125–130. DOI 10.2144/000114588. 2017 Journal Article Link
7 S Sultana, MN Islam, KA Habib, MAR Hossain and MS Alam (2015) Population Genetics of Stinging Catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis) in Bangladesh Analyzed by Microsatellite DNA Markers. World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences, 7(1): 38-44. 2015 Journal Article Link
8 KA Habib, MN Islam, S Sultana, YH Lee (2015) Genetic variation and population structure of spottybelly greenling (Hexagrammos agrammus) in Korean coasts analyzed by DNA markers emphasizing on microsatellites. International Journal of Aquatic Biology, 3(3): 183-190. 2015 Journal Article Link
9 MN Islam, MR Molla, MM Rohman, M Hasanuzzaman, SMN Islam, L Rahman (2012) DNA Fingerprinting and Genotyping of Cotton Varieties Using SSR Markers. Not Bot Horti Agrobo, 2012, 40(2): 261-265 [Academic Press; ISSN 0255-965X (Print); 1842-4309 (Electronic)]. 2012 Journal Article Link
10 Saha D, M Nahiduzzaman, S Akter, MN Islam, MAR Hossain & MS Alam (2010) Bottleneck in the endangered kalibaus, Labeo calbasu (cyprinidae: cypriniformes) populations in Bangladesh revealed by microsatellite DNA marker analysis. Genes & Genomics, 32: 45-51. 2010 Journal Article Link
11 MR Molla, MN Islam, MM Rohman and L Rahman (2010) Microsatellite allele size profiling to determine varietal identity and genetic diversity among groundnut varieties in Bangladesh. Nature and Science, 8(12): 123-129 [IDOSI Publications, ISSN: 1545-0740]. 2010 Journal Article Link
12 S Nasren, MN Islam, MGQ Khan, MS Islam & MS Alam (2009) Genetic variation and differentiation in the Stinging catfish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch) populations assessed by heterologous microsatellite DNA markers. Indian Journal of Biotechnology, 8: 85-90 [National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, India, ISSN: 0972-5849]. 2009 Journal Article Link
13 L Rahman, MN Islam, MS Rahman, MS Islam, M Shah-E-Alam & MK Bashar (2008) Characterization of 94 rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties of Bangladesh based on microsatellite loci. Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Science., 35(1): 97-112 [Bangladesh Agricultural University Old Boy’s Association, Bangladesh, ISSN: 0379-4296]. 2008 Journal Article Link
14 MN Islam, MS Islam and MS Alam (2007) Genetic Structure of Different Populations of Walking Catfish (Clarias batrachus L.) in Bangladesh. Biochemical Genetics, 45 (9-10): 647- 662 [Springer Netherlands. ISSN: 0006-2928 (Print); 1573-4927 (Online); PubMed ID: 17701340]. 2007 Journal Article Link
Sl Conferences Year Type Link
1 MN Islam, KS Hossain, PP Sarker, J Ferdous, MA Hannan, MM Rahman, DT Chu, MJ Uddin (2020). Pharmacological potentials of Nigella sativa seed and its bioactive constituents to combat COVID-19 pandemic. Abstract published in Conference Book of "The 1st BSMIAB -COB International Conference on COVID-19 Pandemic. P20. 2020 Conference Link
2 KA Habib, MN Islam, ME Hoque, 2014. Genetic diversity and population structure of Hilsha Shad, Tenualosa ilisha populations in the Bay of Bengal revealed by the mitochondrial DNA sequencing. The Festschrift on the 50th Anniversary of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species TM 79 2014 Conference Link
Sl Others Year Type
1 MN Islam. 2020. The Study on the Function of FGF11 in Apoptosis Mediated by GSK3β in Osteosarcoma U2OS Cells. PhD Dissertation. Submitted to the Department of Marine Biotechnology, University of Science and Technology, South Korea. 144 p 2020 Others
2 MN Islam, S Sultana, MJ Alam (2020) Cirrhinus reba mitochondrion, complete genome 16597 bp circular DNA, MN862482.1 ( 2020 Others
3 MN Islam. 2005. Study of genetic variation in wild and hatchery stocks of walking catfish (Clarias batrachus L.) using microsatellite DNA markers. MS Thesis. Submitted to the Department of Biotechnology, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. 47 p 2005 Others


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Student Degree Year Title Role
Sl Professional Type From To
1 Nature Study Society of Bangladesh (NSSB), Donor Member (#0121DM01) Professional 2021 present
2 LiveDNA ( Professional 2020 Present
3 Bangladesh Biosafety and Biosecurity Society (BBBS), Life Member (BBBA32: Professional 2012 present
4 Bangladesh Bioethics Society (BBS), Life Member (LM#14: Professional 2010 present
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